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First release of a series of collaborations with various labels, "SSS" will be released with different artworks/formats in France via Maison de Retraite and Bloc Note and in Belgium via Swallowing Helmets.

After four albums singing about love and breakups, here comes the last goodbye from Christophe Clébard, who is putting an end to this project to possibly adopt a new name and start to wander who knows into what other territories.

"SSS" revolves around a sense of restless personal frustration. The displacement and the romance that have been characterizing all Christophe albums don't disappear but move a little to the background leaving space to the lyrics that become more luminous and hypnotic as ever. The failed love is still on the horizon but here is more about the realization of powerlessness, of loss. A punch in the stomach that leaves you on the floor. 

So the music becomes the medicine, a therapy that helps to come out of oneself: pop to dispel the pain of the soul, noise to try to forget. Everything helps to dissipate these feelings of failure, and we are carried away by neurotic trance and ambiguous melancholy, poetic melodies and electro psychosis in a dark disco resonating with acid sounds and violent beats.

Christophe likes to play naked, but maybe it's with "SSS" that he gets naked for the first time.

Time to move on.

A unique delivery of disorder, confrontation and disarray” - The Brvtalist

“Clébard channels this sense of restless personal frustration fluidly into his music which induces a palette of emotions upon its first listen. From unease to quiet anticipation, this synth-ladened album is a work of art from start to finish” - Echoes and Dust

"SSS... the genius madness of a man who knows very well what he is doing. We did not know his earlier works, but we are looking for it right now" - Gonzo Circus